3 ways Social Media Has Helped Influence & Shape Our New Business

When The Tenant Group opened up its doors for business in January of this year, there was one very important aspect of our company that we wanted to make sure was not overlooked; transparency. As we brainstormed, we came up with one solid way to provide transparency to our clients and future clients, social media. Since the beginning, we have made it clear as a team and as a firm that our roles and responsibilities as Commercial Real Estate Brokers are not only to be liaisons between our clients and building owners and to furthermore be our client’s number one advocates, but to also be gurus of our profession and to forthrightly share our knowledge and expertise with all.

With this being said we wanted to be sure that via all TTG’s social media channels we constantly provide our followers and readers with practical, knowledgeable and thoughtful information about Commercial Real Estate, the Los Angeles market and other important and relevant content that is useful to our past, current and prospective clients. Via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, our website and our blog we have successfully built our brand and embraced transparency as a way to improve our tenant representation services. Here are the three most important ways social media has provided transparency and has bolstered our Commercial Real Estate firm for the better:

  1. Recognition & Brand Awareness
    This is by far the most monumental way that social media has contributed to our business. I cannot tell you how many times early on one of our team members has attended a business event and when The Tenant Group was mentioned it was instantly recognized. Somehow they had already seen or heard about our firm via Twitter or Instagram. We have acquired new clients who said they were inclined to do business with us because of our online social media presence and the fact that they felt they knew so much about us and what we had to offer.
  2. Marketing
    Our intent in utilizing social media was not only to provide transparency to our clients but also to use these channels as a way to market our new company and create a discernible brand. Not only have we successfully been able to advertise, but we have done so with very few dollars. This is crucial to a start-up business and what social media has done for us with respect to marketing is unparalleled to any other form of advertising out there.
  3. Business Development Connections
    Lastly, we have developed relationships and new connections with not only new and existing clients, but also with other professionals in our industry. We have managed to create partnerships with other CRE firms in California and one recent deal extended as far out as New York City thanks to the reach of social media.

We realize that the time and energy we have put into staying current with our social media in the last year has really paid off and has been all we could have hoped for and more. The Tenant Group firmly believes that by providing transparency with the aid of social media we will continue to take our firm to the next level and will benefit our growth as a company in the future. See you online! 

– Belen C.