TTG, The New Frontier.

When we started working for a corporate real estate company we never thought we would have the opportunity to bring new ideas to an old business. After seven years, sweat, and yes some tears later, TTG was founded. We’re a youthful company comprised of young adults which seems strange in an industry rooted with “silver foxes” and tradition. Are we getting in over our heads or are we just doing what is necessary to stay current and start out ahead as a new firm in the commercial real estate industry?

With new ideas come new challenges… Cold calling? In 2015, It does not have the effectiveness it used to have in the past. What are the chances for example, of getting CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the phone? Does he even go to the office? Does he pick up the phone? Maybe, maybe not. Implementing new business development strategies beyond the traditional outlets of canvassing new business is just one way we separate ourselves from the pack, but it’s an important one in a business that thrives on commissions.

Access to the internet is the office of todays world. This is the new place every young CEO reports to every day to work. In addition to being online, CEO’s most likely attend charity or networking events or belong to certain organizations. And so that’s where you’ll find TTG. Maybe we have mutual friends or do business with the same people. This is how lasting business relationships are created, through personal connections, organic introductions and in the year 2015, a strong online presence. And so our social media accounts were born!

At TTG we believe in implementing new ideas and constantly asking ourselves the question, ‘What’s next for CRE?’ In our industry we know that trust, thoughtful actions, a strong online presence, transparency and forward thinking are all extremely crucial to our future business’ success. Since we are a new company we are doing our best to stay ahead of the curve. These are all the ways in which we think we set ourselves apart from other CRE game players, this is what gives TTG our edge.

– Peter B.